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Getting Started

1Download the .zip or .unitypackage and unzip it to access the files.
2Move the Schema directory into your project. All source code is included!
3Test out the example project to get a better idea of how Schema works.
Screenshot of Unity Editor from example project


Get up and running quickly with the Quickstart Guide. Create a simple hide and seek program to learn the basics of Behavior Trees and how they work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Schema is licensed per-seat, which means that a license is required for each computer running Schema.

By buying directly from here, you are supporting us directly to continue development. You don't need to buy from here, but it is very much appreciated. Updates for Schema will be released slightly earlier than on the Asset Store.

Yes, the source code for Schema is directly viewable and editable by you and your team at no extra cost.

Yes, you are able to request a refund by contacting support within 1 month of purchase.

Updates will always be free for as long as you own the asset. Additional content, bugfixes, and patches will always be included with your purchase perpetually.

You are always able to purchase additional seats. However, if you need to transfer a seat to a different user, there is no need to purchase a sepearate seat.

If you bought Schema from the Asset Store, there is no need to purchase from here directly. If something is wrong with the asset store version, contact us here and we'll work something out.